I kinda feel a little trapped when I’m surrounded by constant reminders that “narcisisstic personality disorder doesn’t automatically make someone abusive!!” and constant omission of discussion or even acknowledgement of the possible abusive behaviors that can stem from NPD

of course NPD doesn’t make someone automatically abusive towards others. of course not, okay? I’m not saying that for a second.

But it happens that my father, a.k.a. my abuser has NPD and there are things about his narcissism that are directly connected to his emotional abuse towards me and my mother. It just happens that he is narcissistic… AND abusive. Two mutually exclusive traits that can nonetheless effect the manner in which the other manifests. Meaning, the exact manner of abusive behaviour.

And I really feel like I just can’t even talk about it in depth because it’ll seem like I’m shitting on people with NPD or generalizing them, and I’m afraid my followers with NPD will think I hate them or something which isn’t the case at all.

I don’t think NPD should be stigmatized or stereotyped, but I also think discussions of narcissistic abuse, especially those constituted by victims, shouldn’t be disregarded or demonized.


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