the worst thing about the whole “aromantic allosexual (read: heterosexual) men take advantage of women!!” idea is that it assumes that women are so helpless and lovesick, that they cannot consent to strictly sexual relationships, that apparently no woman has ever wanted just sex with no strings attached

It also erases aromatic gay men

Also… aromantic women exist, throwing even more of a wrench into their whole idea there.

The sexualizing of non-ace aros involved (including women no matter what ppl may claim) is also bizarre and nasty, as if non-ace aros only care about sex and nothing else (including the personhood of others) like. Isn’t that what the anti-ace/aro crowd claims aces here assume about non-aces, and use as justification to shit on aces+aros as a whole? But I forgot sex-shaming and sexualizing others is okay as long as it’s done by ppl who hate aces+aros


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