There is the “gender bread person” and now there is the “snowflake/gender dragon” 😀 

thanks for the cute new fursona


fanart for the fursona, who prefers they/them pronouns and is cool with cis people, prob has a girlfriend

is also a feminist but not a radfem bc radfems are transphobic and this dragon is fucking non-binary

Holy heck this is so good and cute! Really nice soft shading that makes em look so huggably soft, and gentle expression. Wonderful job! I love it!


ooh i like them

Another beautiful rendition of them! The shapes are so pleasing and the colours are so vibrant! This is excellent!!

i didn’t spend very long on this but had to participate because i love when edge lord posts backfire like this

nonbinary disabled (one wing) feminist whos tired of your shit™

you did good! as an nb disabled feminist who is tired of this shit, I approve! here’s to making dragons a non-binary symbol

I agree, you did great! The simple but cute shapes, lack of lines and pastel colours make it seem like an illustration from a lovely childrens book. Wonderful job!!

Way to make a very bad post good and cute

Snowflake the Dragon is my friend and I love them.


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