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There’s this really cute, lanky blonde chick that lives across the street from me and I always see her in the neighbourhood. She looks about my age but I know nothing about her.

I do however have absent-minded fantasies about asking her out,,,, LOL IN WHAT UNIVERSE. WOULD I EVER…..?? can you imagine.





the worst thing about the whole “aromantic allosexual (read: heterosexual) men take advantage of women!!” idea is that it assumes that women are so helpless and lovesick, that they cannot consent to strictly sexual relationships, that apparently no woman has ever wanted just sex with no strings attached

It also erases aromatic gay men

Also… aromantic women exist, throwing even more of a wrench into their whole idea there.

The sexualizing of non-ace aros involved (including women no matter what ppl may claim) is also bizarre and nasty, as if non-ace aros only care about sex and nothing else (including the personhood of others) like. Isn’t that what the anti-ace/aro crowd claims aces here assume about non-aces, and use as justification to shit on aces+aros as a whole? But I forgot sex-shaming and sexualizing others is okay as long as it’s done by ppl who hate aces+aros











There is the “gender bread person” and now there is the “snowflake/gender dragon” 😀 

thanks for the cute new fursona


fanart for the fursona, who prefers they/them pronouns and is cool with cis people, prob has a girlfriend

is also a feminist but not a radfem bc radfems are transphobic and this dragon is fucking non-binary

Holy heck this is so good and cute! Really nice soft shading that makes em look so huggably soft, and gentle expression. Wonderful job! I love it!


ooh i like them

Another beautiful rendition of them! The shapes are so pleasing and the colours are so vibrant! This is excellent!!

i didn’t spend very long on this but had to participate because i love when edge lord posts backfire like this

nonbinary disabled (one wing) feminist whos tired of your shit™

you did good! as an nb disabled feminist who is tired of this shit, I approve! here’s to making dragons a non-binary symbol

I agree, you did great! The simple but cute shapes, lack of lines and pastel colours make it seem like an illustration from a lovely childrens book. Wonderful job!!

Way to make a very bad post good and cute

Snowflake the Dragon is my friend and I love them.